Jonathon Harveson - NSW Public Guardian - Low Life Scum Bag - Keeps Disabled Persons Locked Up as Prisoners in Solitary Confinement - Breaking Every Human Rights Law There Is!

What sort of piece of shit is this guy?  And what the fuck do we have human rights for because the Public Guardian doesn't seem to think they matter. 

You do realise that the Public Guardian (a government organisation) is ,assigned to look after people by the Guardianship Tribunal (another government organisation).  And anybody can apply to have somebody signed into the imprisonment of the Public Guardian - just as they did this poor girl. 

The ballbag pieces of shit from DoCS - Ben Anderson made the original application - just as Emily and her mother thought she was about to be freed by DoCS and the government, and signed her over to the Public Guardian so they could then keep her prisoner, abuse her further, deny her the basic human rights such as using a telephone and speaking to her mother. 

Not sure this is true?  Well look under the section Emily Brown - the Girl with No Human Rights - and view the letters she has written and all the statements she has made about her captivity by the government to keep her quiet about her initial kidnapping and 14 years of abuse by DoCS and now the Public Guardian.  Suzanne Alexander was responsible for the original kidnapping and each time the matter was appealled they lied and committed perjury in each court case and have been determined ever since to keep Emily a drugged up prisoner of the state - with whom the government decides who she can and cannot talk to, and where she is allowed to live and what she can and cannot do.

Jonathon Harveson in this person - he has no respect for Emilys basic human rights that are recognised under the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights.

  1. Emily has a right to have contact with whom she wants
  2. Emily has the right to freedom of speech and to heard equally before a court of law
  3. Emily has the right to live where she wants

Why is this animal allowed to treat Emily with less rights than a dirty animal who has raped and killed little children?  And why does each government department and person continually fob off Emily's pleas for help by anybody she has had contact with, and her mother? 

  1. Why is Emilys mother not allowed to know where Emily is being held prisoner?
  2. Why is Emily not allowed to have contact with whom she wants?
  3. Why do the Emilys Captors who profit substantially by having her in their custody have the decision of who and what Emily can see and do?

Each time i think of this 20 year old girl with mild autism and the life she has been forced to have, I want to vomit.

Jonathon Harveson, and every other person who committs such crimes, we at alecomm abhor you, and we will not stop until Emily is free.  You can have as much publicity as you want.  We have the documents from Emily asking for help.  We have every document Emily has written stating how she is not allowed to use a phone, how she is not allowed to change her meals because the staff at Allevia say its too much paperwork, and we have tonnes of paperwork with Emily asking for her mother.  So our question to you Jonathon is, how long do you think you are going to keep Emily hidden and as a prisoner before your wretched world is going to come tumbling down and you are sacked for denying your prisoners their basic human rights.

You Jonathon Harveson are supposed to look after disabled people, not do this.  What a filthy pig you are.  I SUGGEST YOU READ THE ATTACHED BOOK by EMILY BROWN begging TO BE WITH HER MOTHER you animal.

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