Former Public Trustee worker avoids jail

A former Public Trustee of Queensland employee has been spared immediate time behind bars after corruptly providing information to a bidder in a tender process.

Robert Edward Leslie Myers, 55, was on Tuesday sentenced in the Brisbane District Court after pleading guilty to multiple charges including five counts of official corruption.
Myers shielded his face with a bag as he left the Brisbane District Court, where Chief Judge Kerry O'Brien handed him a two-year jail term, wholly suspended for three years.
The court heard Myers provided information to a bidder in a lucrative tender process that gave a commercial edge over their competitors.
The judge said the work - which was worth hundreds of thousands of dollars - undertaken by the bidder was done in a satisfactory manner and paid for at an appropriate rate.
"Work had to be done and was done, but your conduct gave that company an unfair advantage over others," he said.

Myers personally benefited to the tune of $42,000 as well as receiving flights and accommodation, it was heard.

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However, Chief Judge O'Brien said Myers had an "unblemished record" until these offences and found his chance of reoffending was "virtually non-existent". © AAP 2019

Source : https://www.9news.com.au/national/former-public-trustee-worker-avoids-jail/e1647007-44ef-4947-b269-6e6c8d38527b

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