Jon Blake

NSWGT-EXPOSED COMMENT: There are oodles of info about the existence of an Aussie bloke named Jon Blake.  Unfortunately, his life took a turn for the worst while he was still relatively young.  To compound his challenge, some awful people took advantage of his circumstances (including the NSW Public Trustee), which had a devastating effect upon his entire family.  If ever there was a memory, of a persons legacy worth fighting for, truly it is Jon Blake’s.  To Jon and all his family, I hope that the delayed justice that you never got, is bestowed upon you tenfold.

The Fight Of His Life: Jon Blake’s Battle
Jon Blake was once the rising star of Australian film with a career ahead of him so promising that a court awarded him $32 million damages for the car accident that left him brain damaged and paralysed.

JON BLAKE: He coulda been a contender
By Karina… Unlike the other Baja boys, I have made this page a little more informative, mainly because there isn’t an existing dedicated webpage on Jon.

Disabled actor farewells mum
ACTOR Jon Blake’s devoted son yesterday vowed to become his carer and protector following the death of Blake’s mother, who had spent 21 years by her disabled son’s side.

‘His eyes would just stare out’
JON BLAKE’S life was lived in two acts, and he came formidably armed for both. In the first, he tapped a talent given lift-off by a particular kind of handsomeness that suggested a young man bound for Hollywood. In the second, he deployed more mysterious blessings: an inner spirit whose expression was limited by the few tools of his trade he had left.

He was hailed as the next Mel Gibson. An actor’s weapons are his face and his body. Crippled and silenced by an accident that should have killed him, Blake found a way to use both. A thumbs-up meant yes. A thumbs-down, no. Lips pressed firmly together might indicate a protest. A firm blink confirmed understanding. This was the script he was stuck with; what else went on inside will always be his secret.

Tributes flow for tragic actor Jon Blake , dead at 52
FRIENDS of Jon Blake, who has died from pneumonia after being in a vegetative state for 25 years, have paid tribute to the tragic actor.

Source : https://nswtgexposed.com.au/jon-blake/

Abusers Organisation:: NSW Public Trustee
Type of Abuse:: Financial
Matter Resolved?: No, Ongoing

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