"Australia's First Case of Fully Verifiable ENFORCED DISAPPEARANCE by the NSW Public Guardian"

A hearing held last week in the case of Emily Brown who is under the care of the NSW Public Guardian, consisted of Jonathon Harveson from the NSW Public Guardian - acting as Emily Browns "Boss", and numerous other government officials including her own legal representation who is hand picked by the government also.  Emilys mother Julie Brown was accompanied to the proceedings by Emilys previous Independant Advocate Caroline Mason.

NSW Public Guardian has decided that they will never share Emilys location with her mother - the only person / family continually in her life since she was first stolen by the government when she was only 5 years old, and for no evidentiary reason other than former officers at the NSW Department of Community Services, Robin Howe and co, did not like Julie.

The fact that only government representatives and / or government paid representatives were at the proceedings, and nicely stacked against mother and daughter is nothing more than a money making crusade on behalf of our greedy government, who happily pays agencies such as Catholicare up to $5000 per week until a foster child reachess the age of eighteen, even if that child has been sent home - and ultimately the grounds needed to prove an ENFORCED DISAPPEARANCE.

Whilst Jonathon Harveson freely admitted into evidence that Emily was being abused under his care, and that she prayed daily to see her mother, he stated to the government stacked tribunal that Emily has made no representation to see her mother, therefore stating Julie will be not entitled to see or even know where her daughter is being held captive by our own government.

Jonathon Harveson from the NSW Public Guardians office, who hired Emilys legal representative was also given hand written documentation by Emily through out the proceedings stating that she wanted to see both her mother Julie and her friend / former independent advocate Caroline Mason.  Both of Emily's requests were denied even though the tribunal were in receipt of hand written information from Emily stating the opposite.

The penalty for an ENFORCED DISAPPEARANCE ranges to 10 years imprisonment, which is exactly what Alecomm will be seeking in regards to the Public Guardians Officer Jonathon Harveson perpetuating such crimes upon an innocent mother and child, and for each and every member of the Tribunal who continally refuse to acknowledge evidence of Emily Browns constant abuse whilst under the care of the Public Guardian and now her irrefutable ENFORCED DISAPPEARANCE.

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