Guardianship prisoner June Lynne Lacey Bill has Do Not Resuscitate orders taken out against her and her families will.

June Lynne Lacey Bill - Guardianship prisoner with Do Not Resuscitate orders against her will - killed by by guardian who placed another 100 victims on DNR orders against their will.

June was put into guardianship when her daughter (and Power of Attorney) refused to sign a Do Not Resuscitate order at the hospitalist's request. June Lynne Lacey was taken prisoner due to a petition by social services and the hospital to remove her rights.


'She was forced into a nursing home against her will and against her family's wishes. When she protested, she was drugged and forced to take a 210 mile ambulance ride to a nursing home far from her home. She was not permitted to have a phone, not allowed to use a commode (forced to use only a bed pan), not allowed outside and given only day old food.

Within less than a month, she developed pneumonia, a staph infection, septic blood, a urinary tract infection, bedsores and a fever of 102! With an extraordinary will to live and with many prayers and faith in God, June miraculously recovered, only to be put in hospice by social services. She was forced to take oxycodone, which made it hard for her to breathe and swallow, caused an irregular heartbeat, migraines and seizures and gave her intense stomach and chest pain with horrific constipation and nauseousness!

She and her family begged to get rid of the oxycodone, but hospice and social services insisted she take it and refused her medical attention when it made her so sick! Consequently, June died! No one should be forced to die against their will and their families wishes. Health Care Directives should always be upheld and those with Power of Attorney should not be cast aside.

Please support the JUNE LYNNE LACEY BILL to ensure those most vulnerable amongst us are protected and their United States Constitutional rights upheld. (For more info go to junelynnelaceyfoundation.com.)  June's rights were stripped from her. She has no right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Her freedoms were taken away, she was taken prisoner and received NO JUSTICE! PLEASE SPEAK OUT AGAINST THIS INJUSTICE! "-- Joyce Lacey

Source : https://www.facebook.com/397779416964315/posts/2635788203163414/

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