Guardianship Tribunal crimes against humanity

‪For the last 3 decades, the Public been deceptively advised to REPORT suspected Abuse of Elderly & Disabled people to Guardianship Tribunals when, as shown below, IT WAS NOT the Function of Guardianship Tribunals to make findings of whether or not Abuse occurred.

In order to REPORT suspected ABUSE to these Tribunals, it was necessary to apply for a Guardianship or Administration Order. Once an 'Application' was lodged, a Tribunal hearing was held.

Many 'Applicants' were shocked & dismayed when their allegations of Abuse were totally disregarded & untested allegations of professionals re the 'capacity' of suspected victims to manage their own affairs became the focus of the Tribunals attention, rather than the suspected abuse.

Although many of the Elderly & Disabled people who became involuntary subjects of 'applications' had never had their 'capacity' properly 'tested' & they had well working arrangements with family supporters in place to assist with with difficult tasks, the unexpected outcome of 'Reporting' suspected Abuse to these Tribunals, often resulted in family members being shut out of any decision making in regard to their loved ones & the subjects of 'applications' becoming involuntary 'Adult Wards of States or Territory's'.

Complaints by families & other members of the Public often resulted in them being BANNED from all contact with their loved ones & requests by WARDS to see their own GP's & Lawyers could also be denied.

Further to this, if WARDS attempted to escape the system & get their freedom back, the Trustees have the power to use the funds of the WARDS to fight them in Court.

Is this Equality before the Law or is this a deceptive SCAM?

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