The Children - Part Four

Image result for hear no evil child abuseIf anybody doubts that the truth of the assertion that incestuous child sexual abuse is no longer considered to be a crime in Australia they might review the complete disregard for the torrent of correspondence by numerous persons, including Dr Pridgeon, to multiple persons who should have been able to intervene and did not do so.

It is a demonstrable fact that the AFP have deliberately lied about the children’s abuse, while protecting the abusers (and actually delivering the children to the abusive father) while intimidating, harassing, arresting and prosecuting Australians who have made it their lifes work to protect children.

Child protection advocates and organisations have been searched by large numbers of AFP, they have been hamstrung in their efforts to protect children, they are being shut down.

Children will not benefit from this: child rapists will.

Hon Dianne Farmer
Minister of Child Safety
PO Box 524
Queensland 4170



Dear Minister 

This is the fourth letter I have written to you about the most urgent matter of child welfare and safety and at the time of writing I have had no response from you. The (children) remain in the custody of their father, the person who (the children) have identified multiple times as the perpetrator of their abuse. 

 My emails are now being blocked from reaching you. Did you know this? Was this at your direction?

The facts of the treatment of (the protective mother) and her children are so appalling that if they became public it would shock and shame this country. Your wilful inaction is inexcusable and will inevitably become public knowledge. You may believe you can hide behind Official Secrecy but the truth always comes out. 

I append the report on the sexual abuse of (the children) by the late Professor Freda Briggs.

She was the pre-eminent authority on child sexual abuse in the country and was asked to review the case. 

This horrifying document outlines (the children’s) disclosures of abuse and the institutional response to them by the Police and Child Safety. It outlines the incompetence and the malfeasance of these agencies who completely failed to protect these children from years of ongoing rape. Their conduct was, in my opinion, criminal. 

Again Minister, I appeal to you to use your executive powers to immediately  remove these children from the custody of their father (the abusive father), and get them to safety. 

Yours sincerely 

Dr Russell Pridgeon 

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