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The Government is trying to control the narrative in regard to the arrests that have occurred as part of Operation Noetic 1997
Australian Federal Police use Operation NoEthics to conceal claims of police misconduct and intimidate a potential witness. 2041
The AFP used terrorist legislation to detain and intimidate human rights activists 2553
What developments have there been in Operation NoEthics? 2713
Not all Heroes wear Capes - Exposing Operation NoEthics 2727
Stalking charge dropped against NSW doctor William Pridgeon 2740
Major Bust: Heroes helping mothers arrested in sting operation 2746
The Supreme Court of Appeal upholds the Good Doctor 4255
The Criminal Syndicate of Child Protectors 5377
What country in the world condones rape of a child age two? 5407
Criminal Syndicate exposed by Patrick O’Dea and Dr Russell Pridgeon 5496
Child abducting basket case or protective mother? 5851
Australian Federal Police in the business of protecting paedophiles and failure of public servant to administer duties 5900
The Children - Part Two 5920
The Children - Part Three 5933
The Children - Part Four 5939
The Children - Part One 5978
AFP dead wrong! Statistics prove jilted mothers are not lying and caselaw proves family courts protect paedophiles 6030
Family of missing Townsville twins' mother hopes they're not found 6754
Dispelling the myth of gender bias in the family court system 7036
Inside the "child-stealing syndicate": Three men including a vigilante paedophile hunter accused of hiding mothers and kids in $140,000 yacht to secretly ship overseas are arrested 8910
Kidnapping ring which 'helped jilted mothers abduct their children' exposed 9048