The Criminal Syndicate of Child Protectors

Wow. The media certainly didn't do any research before publishing this article. How disappointing.  If you had the cohuna's you'd do some and then retract all the wording such as criminal syndicate - and go after the courts and the paedophiles that are running rampant particularly in Brisbane Magistrates Court building.

What a bunch of lying criminal poofters. The only people trafficking children are the federal courts, specifically Federal Magistrates like Jarrett and Coker, the criminal children’s representatives (traffickers) and the all-paedophile supporting court psychologists.

Alecomm is aware of at least four cases where they sent children to live with their abusers. When protective parents protect their children from predators, they're labelled liars, delusional and mentally unstable.

The police involved in these matters are either stupid or happy to protect the paedophiles who have been abusing the kids the mothers are trying to protect - but that's nothing new now is it.

I would be absolutely horrified if somebody i knew was in the #AFP or something and picked up these kids and sent them back to be raped and abused - particularly when there's so much information out there - what about the Twins?

They had tearing to their ani’s.

They tested positive to a sexually transmitted disease.

Professor Fredda Briggs - former Scotland Yard Inspector, Australia’s most highly acclaimed expert on child sexual abuse - she had all the evidence - so why do u think that judges unqualified when it comes to child sex abuse - would ignore her? Only one reason isn’t there?

The children gave evidence, that was reworded by state police (Detective Miles - who was recently before the royal commission for failing to investigate other child sexual abuse allegations).  

know what a surprise right. attempting to prove the abuse by their father didn't happen when every single person knows it did. The evidence doesn't lie. But the media certainly can and justices like jarret, they're either being paid off by the paedophiles (like the mothers in the US already have evidence of) or they're paedophiles themselves.

Too bad that the AFP are busy persecuting the innocent who are trying to protect the children and sending them back to their abusers - If i was involved in this matter i would be looking at the evidence - and i would also be asking why so many people would risk going to jail - to get even with somebody they don't know.

Why a mother would risk losing it all just to get even with an ex.  It doesn't make sense - because that isn't what's happening.  Nobody listens to the cries of the child or the pleas of the mother - because it's not financially viable - that's they they do a runner, when there's nowhere left to turn.

What's happening is these parents are trying and have exhausted every single avenue to protect their children from these predators and nobody gives a crap. They're happy to receive their paycheck and to send the kids back to be paedophiled day after day after day.

I thought the AFP are the elite of the elite? What happened, recruiting sure dropped the ball didn't they? Now they're a bunch of lackeys helping paedophile protecting judges send innocent kids to paedophiles.

How are these people so incompetent or naive?

How does everybody forget so quickly that one in four kids will be sexually harmed before they turn 18?  Why do they forget that almost every victim of child sexual abuse is abused by somebody very close to them?  Yet any mother or child who raises sexual abuse allegations is called a liar.

How in gods name does a child get a sexually transmitted disease and torn anus (just for starters) when in the care of the father - whom the mother was trying to protect her children from?

The AFP, if they had any brains would be taking a real good look at the watters case and the evidence instead of taking family court orders on the hearsay of some dirty paedo judge who's been protecting scum for the past decade.

How many lives have been ruined because of this and how many more will be destroyed?

The  people in the criminal syndicate trafficking racquet are the judges, the transcript services, the court reporters, the lawyers and the independent chidlren's representatives - who nearly always side with the abusers, because they either can't tell a psychopath from a victim, or just don't care because keeping kids in a dangerous situations will always lead to more litigation when a protective parent is involved.

Then there's the judges, they routinely dismiss evidence and call anybody who has anything bad to say about an abuers - deluded. And then sentences the child to a year or two of stockholme syndrome and completely takes the protective parents out of the scene until both children and protectors submit to the sexual abuse of the children.

The diatribe of the AFP so far has been absolutely astonishing.  Not one decent officer has the courage of these men, to stand up and do what’s right. Not even Christian Porter our highly esteemed Attorney General.

What's the definition of trafficking? The people involved in the court proceedings, the lawyers and court reporters and judges etc - they're all making money by sending children to live with paedophiles. They're the ones trafficking kids to be sexually abused.

When you know a child is being sexually abused in the care of somebody - and you make money by assisting in sending these chidlren to be sexually abused - that is domestic trafficking - for sexual slavery.

Nobody risks going to jail just to upset a father. Wake up you tools and start protecting the victims - because the fathers are not the victims in these cases (actually there is one father who is the victim - but jarrret sent his boy to live with his sexaully abusive mother - and when the father produced evidence of the boy being sexually abused, jarret said he would jail him (the father) if he ever approached the courts or the police again. Sounds like silencing a victim?

Yep you betcha. And that's what you are doing be taking out the protective players and aiding and abeting the paedophiles.

How could any decent human being not go to bed tonight thinking about these precious children who are now [again] being raped by their father?

If you stand blindly and do nothing, you are just as much a part of this child sex trafficking ring / criminal syndicate we know as the “family court”.

What will w tell their victims when they come and seek you out when they are older? Will they say oh too bad i was just doing my job? - be was that excuse was removed after Nuremburg.

Or will they shed a tear for each of these children now who were back to be sexually abused until they turn 18.


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