Australian Federal Police use Operation NoEthics to conceal claims of police misconduct and intimidate a potential witness.

Mishka is a family violence advocate and potential witness in the Operation Noetics AFP investigation, where controversially, a parent and grandparent have been charged with stealing their own children.

These caregivers strongly claim that they were protecting their children from high risk family court orders, which placed these children at significant risk of harm.

Mishka alleges that the AFP are interfering with a potential witness, namely herself, involved in the AFP Operation Noetics through using Orweillian intimidatory tactics similar to those seen in the recent ABC raids. She believes that this is to hide the misconduct and gravely flawed police investigations and heavily biased wider operation which is protecting alleged perpetrators of significant child abuse.

A CCC report supports that some officers involved in investigating the alleged child abuse raised through Operation Noetics, failed to conduct adequate investigations and were ordered to participate in further training.

Mishka stated;“It is my informed belief that there is significant misconduct and potentially criminal activity, perpetrated by some members of the AFP.

These officers currently contribute to the many dysfunctional judgements coming out of the family court as they are simply not performing their duty of care, with impartiality or adequate investigatory technique.

Many outrageous injustices have been clearly detailed through the recent ALRC family law review.

Mishka States: ”I have viewed evidence to support that some officers have proven conflicts of interest with alleged perpetrators, and in some cases have absolutely refused to investigate claims of serious abuse. They have intentionally dismissed evidence such as Independant psychologist reports, the child’s own recollections and medical injuries.

It is in the public interest to remedy situations where ineffective police officers fail to adequately investigate child abuse and violence.

Pockets of the AFP who benefit from the status quo are using intimidatory tactics in an attempt to shut down exposure by family violence advocates and whistleblowers, of their failure to adequately investigate abuse claims and protect children”.

Tullamarine based AFP officers confirmed that it was the officers leading Operation Noetics who ordered Border Control to detain Mishka, and copy all data from her phone on July 2nd this week.

Border Control told Mishka they were just following orders, and could not offer a probable cause or presentation of a warrant when requested.

AFP through Operation Noetics also executed a very broad search warrant, on Mishka’s family home last October, again refusing to provide any reasoning for this warrant when requested.

Mishka states that: “The lack of genuine intent to conduct rigorous investigations into allegations of abuse, leaves many protective parents unable to provide evidence to satisfy the family court, usually resulting in a reversal of custody to the alleged perpetrator.

These determinations are destroying children’s lives, and are the basis for our urgent need for a Royal Commission into the family law system.

I strongly suggest that police integrity, impartiality, investigative technique, accountability and improved oversight are included through the terms of reference, throughout any proposed Royal Commission into the Family Court.
Mishka Hudson.

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