Not all Heroes wear Capes - Exposing Operation NoEthics

There's something "strange" going on in the hidden circles within circles that have developed and become entrenched in certain echelons of society in Australia. Injustice, cruelty, corruption and extortion seem to thrive in certain mixes while feeding on the incompetence and greed that other schools of thought and obsessions with tradition have bred.

I recently posted in a group for ex Rhodesians the following:

"Any of you following the progress of proceedings against two fellow ex Rhodies, one a respected GP/doctor, the other a vet of the bush war and decorated for his service, who are facing 30 years if convicted of all charges, and who have been SLANDERED by the feds, labeled as "child stealers" by main stream media across the country (Aus), all because they were the only two with backbone enough to defy and breach the dangerous and inappropriate orders made in relation to the custody of twin sisters that saw these little girls suffer immeasurably, while the 13 adults (mother, grandparents, teachers, psychologists, professors, child abuse specialists and advocates, experts in the field) who they continued to disclose to were, other than one, never even interviewed, instead reprimanded and threatened with jail if they continued to report the disclosures and repeatedly witnessed physical injuries to the relevant authorities?

Not all heroes wear capes.

These two Rhodies succeeded in keeping these girls and their mum safe for 4 years. 4 crucial and formative years in the timeline of child development stages, and the time has helped them to heal and to build resilience, something they are relying heavily on now since having AGAIN been returned to this dangerous and damaging situation. Not that any of this can be openly discussed using names etc due to the blanket of secrecy thrown on everything after police interview tapes were leaked via wikileaks that were SHOCKING to view and which thus caused a collective shout of outrage among activists and advocates and even saw two investigators involved with the initial, corrupt investigation that failed the twins in the first place sent for retraining and facing restrictions on engaging with minors "in the system" until further notice.

Yep, nothing strange to see here, folks, so, moving right along..."

The response from group members was great, but after ONE share, facebook police censored the post, so I promised i would do a follow up with all relevant info and from a page so it would not be censored. This entire post is the result.

Why? Because these men and women are heroes, not criminals, and they need our support!

So here are some links to details about the case, relevant statistics, and petitions etc.... Please peruse at your leisure to find out more and get engaged with supporting these brave people. It is time to defy those who would enforce ignorance that they may continue to enjoy the gratification they get and the power they feel when they perpetrate abuse or permit abuse to occur unchecked or due to a need to cover past transgressions, errors and/or negligence.

Fantastic post by Stand Up, Speak Out

Comment and link to an article by the Australian Legislative Ethics Committee about rising concerns over the evidence showing links between the AFP and Family Court paedophilia:

From The Women's Coalition:

Letter from Professor Freda Briggs:

Two Brave Girls - Cassie's Official Support Place

Supporting good people: Lets start with Dr Russell Pridgeon

Please sign the petition to the Attorney General to dismiss all charges for all involved:

Petition to QLD Premier:

The reality of Section 121 of the Family Law Act and the misplaced notion of shame:
(this post includes an excerpt of my analysis of the plea for information from the public on the twins, who had been "missing" for 4 years at that stage, by main stream media, ie- prior to their being found and before charges were laid against the good doctor, Paddy, Ariel and Cassie. Interesting is how correct my assumptions and conclusions turned out to be in the end)

For those near Brisbane who are interested in showing support for these folk outside court:

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAnd now I shall sit back and watch my computer start to act strangely. It will start going really slowly, pages won't load, it will freeze completely for minutes at a time, turn off unexpectedly, etc, and facebook in particular will keep crashing the browser, or just freeze with a message near the top of the window saying "Program not responding"... but I'm sure it is just a coincidence that this ALWAYS happens whenever I mention this case or any of the people involved...

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