Domestic Violence Program a Complete Joke - Like Everything Else DoCS is Involved with!

Linda Burney is spouting off how the Staying Home Leaving Domestic Violence Program is a success*.   Give it a break Linda.  Just on 50% of all kids you steal and sell off are domestic violence victims (appx 4,000 per year), yet you claim Great Successes for 14 families*. Woopy doo Linda-I-Dont-Do-My-Job Burney.

This program that us taxpayers pay for is nothing short of what your lazy arse lying corrupt Department of Community Service workers should be bloody doing anyway.  Yet you continually let them get away with forcibly abusing young children, letting them be sexually assaulted and even being murdered.

Get your House in Order Burney  and Stop Destroying the Lives of so Many Innocents.

Here is what Linda-I-Dont-Do-My-Job Burney states was done for these parents in order to prevent them from losing their children.

• Comprehensive risk assessment and safety planning, including funds for security upgrades to the home
• Court support for applications for exclusion orders and at family court proceedings
• Liaison and collaboration with the police
• Case work to address financial, tenancy and other personal issues
• Referrals to legal advice, counselling and other support services.

Isn't this EXACTLY what caseworkers are supposed to do instead of revictimising a victim by ways of taking the children from the mother who has been a victim of domestic violence? 1

It's time to go Linda Burney!!!

Here is one example of what Linda Burney condoned in her time as our Community Services Minister - (alias Minister for Child Trafficking)..

"Your caseworkers Ben Anderson was allowed to sell Emily Brown off to the Public Guardian after many years of abuse under the departments control.  Emily Brown continually wrote how her stepfather Herman Timmerman and Mery-Jean used to beat her, starve her, and even sexually assault her.  Your officers ignored this and made her live with this abuse for many more years to come.

You initially took Emily Brown from her beautiful mother Julie after your staff Robyn Howe and Suzanne Alexander at DoCS Sutherland accused her of abusing Emily.  Even after the abuse was proven to be bullshit, and after these staff stole from Ms Brown, you refused to sort out the matter and send Emily home.  Emily continued to run away to her mother until you eventually put her in a Prison called Allevia, at Bankstown. ... (Please read more under Emily Brown)" *(Source  http://southern-courier.whereilive.com.au/news/story/domestic-violence-program-a-success/) 1. And for those of whom wish to be Policitically Correct - "those men of domestic violence also" ...


+6 #1 RE: Domestic Violence Program a Complete Joke - Like Everything Else DoCS is Involved with!Guest 2011-03-20 14:41
Who does Linda Burney think she's kidding ??????????????/

Her claims are of a handful of Domestic Violence Victims being successful..... .yet thousands of women and children in Domestic Violence situations are offered ZILCH assistance and support.

The Dpt Community Services NSW have now made children of Domestic Violence Victims COMMODOTITIES for the Dpt, their employees and NGO's who are skimming the Huge Billion Dollar Budget for their profit.

The only way Burney will ever be able to claim success in the Domestic Violence arena is by putting REAL DOLLARS and REAL SOCIAL WORKERS into seriously justified Support and Assistance programmes for both the Victims and their children.

Instead her Dpt continues to divide Mothers and their children and forces them into years of Litigation where the Dpt will spend thousands of Dollars in Legal fees to retain the Victims children in CARE OF THE STATE ...and where Caseworkers Lie at any cost to win against Victims of Domestic Violence RE: REVICTIMISING THEM OVER AND OVER.

Linda Burney aids in the alienation of children and their parents. Siblings who have been divided into various carer homes are lucky if they see each other twice a year ..hence destroying their bonds, relationships and identities.

I'm so sick of hearing from heart broken parents that are suffering severe trauma due to the abuses carried by the Dpt's caseworkers and managers and from parents who have contacted Linda Burney only to be totally ignored and referred back to abusive caseworkers who are backed up by their Client Service Managers/Manage rs and Dpt heireichy.

What Linda Burney Dpt practices best is COVER UPS of a seriously failed and flawed Child Protection Dpt in NSW.

As for Emily Brown who was once a free spirited loved and nurtured little girl ...What the Dpt of Community Services have done to her and her mother is nothing short of a TRAVESTY.

Emily has suffered the most INHUMANE ACTS along with fifteen years of serious assaults , sexual assaults and abuses, mental abuse and trauma ...all in the name of protecting this corrupt and evil Dpt.

Emily has begged over and over again to live her adoring mother , pleaded to see her adoring mother ...hence the Dpt has come to realise Emily seeing her mother is a danger to the Dpt being exposed for their total failure , negligence and Department abuse of Emily.

LABOUR IN NSW have let Families and Children down to the point where anyone who has been a life long Labour supporter are sickened by their actions and inactions ...not to mention the truckloads of Corruption.

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