Building Community Capacity in responding to Domestic Violence

Alecomm is currently undertaking a research project.  Our goal is to attain a greater understanding of the rights of domestic violence victims when approaching services for assistance, and to clarify the processes by which victims and their families are assisted in escaping and liberating themselves from the violence cycle.

In particular, we would be grateful if you could clarify the following matters; and if there is relevant legislation in place:

  • What are the State regulations FACS/DOCS are bound by when responding to Domestic Violence.
  • On what grounds in such a situation is it deemed necessary to remove children from the victim parent. 
  • What service's, if any is the Department obligated to provide to victim parent.
  • Are there resources routinely distributed to victims seeking assistance and advice.
  • Are service's obligated to provide education and resources.
  • Is PTSD a recognized reason as to why some victims have difficulty leaving the offender.
  • How is PTSD responded to and how is it managed.You have to upgrade your account in order to view this article. Please follow this link

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