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Today: April 16, 2014

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Australian Legislative Ethics Commission
DHS Privacy Manager, Jann Rowe still not complying with legislation and policy

faxed 98cbf15 April 2014

Manager Privacy - Department of Family and Community Services

Ph:         (02) 6623-4962
Fax:        (02) 6623 4999
Email:    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Dear Ms Rowe

It is my understanding that under PPIA act there are no required format for submitting a a complaint. You really do seem to have some control issues.

Mr Morris and any other persons are free to format their complaints exactly how they wish and have the results of that complaint addressed to the location that they have requested. In this case it is via our organisation – just as any other organisation advocates on behalf of people. We are also a registered charity and I am a NSW Justice of the Peace.

If you refuse to process his complaint, the matter may be forwarded to the appropriate Public Interest Disclosure officer in your division – as you are doing nothing but whiteanting.

Maybe you could explain why it is over twelve months now and you still have refused to investigate the previous complaints forwarded your office.

Please be advised that the (almost) thirty other complainants – whom you have previously refused to investigate their complaints – will still be filing regardless of you deliberately running the time limit over twelve months – and it is you who has refused to provide an adequate time frame for the investigation of these complaints – not anybody else.

I don’t give two shits if you do not like the fact that you are investigating your work colleagues. If you continue to refuse to do this, I will be forced to take the matter to the Independent Commission Against Corruption and you can explain to them why it is that you feel you are above the law and policy like most other dirty caseworkers and continue to carry on in the corrupt and incompetent matter which you currently are.

You certainly belong in this department.

No response required.

Download this file (Email from Jann Rowe re not filing complaints - 15 April 2014.pdf)Email from DHS Privacy Manager Jann Rowe - 15 April 2014[DHS non-compliance with PPIA Act]
STOP the DOCS Friday snatch. STOP Goward's new laws. Support and opportunity for families NOT child removal.
Written by Olivia Nigro   

imherefromgovtohelplolSay NO to continuing Stolen Generations

Rally Friday April 11 - 12pm Tamworth DOCS office 14 - 16 Bourke st Tamworth

Speakers include:

+ Aunty Hazel, Grand-mothers Against Removals, Gunnedah + David Shoebridge, Greens NSW MP + Karen Fusi, Brisbane Aboriginal Soveriegn Embassy

The removal of Aboriginal children from families across NSW and Australia is at crisis point. A higher number of Aboriginal children are currently in "out of home care" than were removed from their families at any time in the twentieth century.

The Bringing them Home report in 1997 argued that the paternalism and discrimination of the Stolen Generations era remained alive in many of the practices of child protection agencies. It showed that the majority of children were being removed for "neglect", a consequence of the social inequality suffered by Aboriginal people.

Bringing them Home's recommendations for reform were ignored and the number of Aboriginal children in "out of home care" has increased more than five times since 1997. In NSW, approximately one in ten Aboriginal children is currently in care. The pain in communities is immense and many are taking about "a new stolen generation".

Forced adoptions to continue with support from Labour and Liberal
Written by Kaye MacDonald - Adoption Information   
Friday, 04 April 2014 16:40

It is with a very heavy and shattered heart that I have heard that the NSW Government quietly passed their amendments to their adoption laws, affectively bringing back forced adoption after apologising to the mothers, fathers and their now adult children for forced adoptions of the past. It is a bridge too far for me to continue to respect those responsible..

This is the beginning, in my opinion, of opening thousands of women and their children in this country to the exploitation of their most fundamental human right to stay together at the most vulnerable time for both - pregnancy and confinement..

With all the volumes of current research that proves that a mother and her baby should not be separated because of the physical, mental and emotional damage caused to both, I am in shock and despair.

It is the beginning, of the insane adoption driven market of the 1920's to 1980's again and in my opinion opens the door to exploitation and corruption.

Quick and easy Forced adoptions will now be the first priority of the NSW Government for all children in Care to save money.
Thursday, 27 March 2014 09:28

words fastest growing industry 300b6Tonight Pru Goward and the NSW Government passed the most dangerous legislation against vulnerable children and families since Federation.

These Laws are NOT reforms to Child Protection they are Human Rights violations.

Children in Care can now be given any unapproved drug or treatment the agency wants no matter how inhumane or dangerous. Significantly high numbers of Children in Care are already on dangerous drugs because of the trauma of their forced removal from their families so foster parents can better manage them as Zombies. This is a Law that will DAMAGE children for life, which should be criminal not legal.

This legislation does not have any provision to ensure early intervention or better supports for vulnerable children and families at all. There is not enough services to support vulnerable children and families due to lack of government funding now, so parents will not be able to comply with parenting agreements, their children will just be forcibly removed and adopted as that is cheapest option for the NSW Government.

Impossible to beat the corruption in NSW government
Wednesday, 19 March 2014 17:43

human trafficking 21fa1With the upcoming legislative assembly vote that is extremely crucial to the welfare of our children, it is horrifying to find that the Liberal party have pulled blackmail out of their pocket, in order to support Pru Goward and the proposed amendments to the NSW Children and Young Persons Care and Protection Act.

So much for democracy, as Pru Goward got together with Barry O'Farrell and they have called for a "Down the Line" Vote.

This means that if anybody in their party goes against Pru's proposed horrendous legislation, it could mean the end of their political career as they know it.

Sad thing here is that we are aware of quite a few decent ministerial staff who are already all too aware of the corruption within the department, and had high aspirations that they would object to the bill - giving it brings back forced adoptions and encourages places like Barnardo's to go on their kidnapping rampage that started almost a century ago.

Concerns regarding adoption provisions in the Child Protection Legislation Amendment Bill
Written by David Mallard   
Thursday, 13 March 2014 00:00

The Child Protection Legislation Amendment Bill 2013 introduces a set of permanent placement principles (proposed section 10A) which would see adoption considered whenever a child or young person (other than children and young persons identified as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders) cannot realistically be restored to his or her parents or placed in the guardianship of a relative, kin or suitable other.

Also, a proposed change to section 83(4) would require that the Director-General must consider whether adoption is appropriate any time it has been determined that restoration to the child’s parents is not realistic.

Concerns about this proposed approach to including adoption, which permanently severs the legal relationship between parents and child, include that:

Evidence does not establish that adoption produces better outcomes – instead, stability and quality of placements are important, which needs to be addressed by improving the management and resourcing of foster care placements:

Reform for better child protection
Sunday, 09 March 2014 12:43

AlecommLogoSML 1458aGiven that Australia has ratified and signed the International Covenant On Civil And Political Rights; and that Article 3 states “The States Parties to the present Covenant undertake to ensure the equal right of men and women to the enjoyment of all civil and political rights set forth in the present Covenant”[1], we hereby state request the following changes in the protection of our most vulnerable assets, our children. Let us see the government show us that children are important to them, and that accountability when it comes to child protection is at the forefront of all their decision making.

The only real remedy for the abuses of the child protection system is its abolition. No one should have the power to take children from their parents by force of arms, and the upkeep of children should not be paid with appropriated funds. Once the child protection behemoth is dead, private charity can easily handle the small load of orphaned children, as it responded to the much larger number of homeless children a century ago before the creation of the welfare state.

Since the political will to eliminate the child protection system is nowhere near to realisation, we have here a list of lesser reforms that may alleviate the hardships in the current system, and lead toward more comprehensive reforms.i

Barnardos not waiting for forced adoption legislation, are instead kidnapping newborns direct from hospitals
Tuesday, 11 February 2014 14:54

It has recently been alleged that  Barnardos, (NOT DOCS) have crossed state borders and stolen newborn babies from a private hospital - on a Section 44.

Section 44's are only valid for 3 days and this order expired some two weeks ago.

The mother went into premature labour whilst on holidays with her husband, and it apperas that there was absolutely NO serious risk of harm at all to the babies.

The parents have not seen their babies since.  No Section 45 has been applied for either, nor any paperwork served - which must be done within 5 working days of assumption of care of the babies.

So now Barnardos themselves have stolen two newborn babies without lawful authority.  They have then hidden these babies illegally - as at this point in time, and from all accounts it appears they have been kidnapped.

If you thought Louise Voigt and her company had stopped their destructive and unlawful ways a few decades ago, think again ... they're not even bothered to wait for the new legalised kidnapping legislation to come into place, and jumping at any chance to sell a newborn baby for the profit of their so-called not for profit organisation that is designed to assist those in need.

Karina Vodden - seeking probono representation for Victorian supreme court appeal due to caseworker / magistrate / DHS lawyer continued maladministration and violation of legislation pertaining to Court Disposition Reports
Saturday, 18 January 2014 09:31

KV-CV-BlankEyes 9412aThe Australian Legislative Ethics Commission is a registered not-for-profit charity.

One of our major roles is the representation and support of members of the community whom are having difficulty dealing with government agencies - particularly those agencies whom are failing to adequately follow the legislation and policies etc when dealing with clients.  Our main area of work is currently within the child protection field.  We charge no fees to our clients, and we work with them long-term - some clients have been with us over seven years now.

We have a client who has just self-represented in County Court against Vic DHS and unfortunately been unsuccessful.  Our interest in the case is that from the moment DHS intervened into their lives and removed her six week old baby, not one disposition report submitted to the courts have fulfilled their obligatory requirements – that being the provision of opportunities for the mother to address the concerns of the department in order for her to obtain restoration of her son.

Her son is now three years old.  He was removed without following procedure and the mother was never given any opportunity to address DHS concerns - we have documented evidence of this.  We also have letters from DHS acknowledging this also.  This is a massive breach of the rights of the child and the mother.  Massive.

The boy was in the care of his mother and maternal grandmother when he was removed.  He was placed in a few foster placements which he was shuffled from home to home due to abuse, and eventually DHS placed him with his grandfather and his wife.   The grandfather has an extensive criminal history, which DHS are aware of and made note of, and since being in their care he has suffered much abuse and neglect, the most recent being a broken collar bone – the fathers violence being the reason the maternal grandmother left him many years prior.  Karina has been our client for over twelve months and I have only ever seen her act in the best interest of her son.

Auscript, transcripts and your right to know what their stamps mean...
Sunday, 02 February 2014 10:46

issued subject to correction with man aeb5eAuscript have a government contract to supply court transcripts. Having received a few transcripts of prior court appearances by way of Affidavit from the other party, there was several concerns regarding the accuracy of it.

One of those concerns was a large stamp across a couple of pages only that reads “ISSUED SUBJECT TO CORRECTION”. The other pages of transcript did not have this large bold black stamp. We are not sure what this term means and attempted to find out by firstly calling Auscript and asking them to please explain what “ISSUED SUBJECT TO CORRECTION” stamped on some pages of (their) transcript meant.

We were requested to send our concerns via email with a copy of the transcripts received from the other party. The response we received was astounding:

“Please be aware that there is a copyright policy in place in which parties are not able to share the cost of a transcript. Each party must place their own order through Auscript and they will receive a separate copy each.

As the situation is currently a breach of copyright, we are unable to process your request. I will have someone from our Business Services team contact you with an estimate of costs and upon receiving payment we will be able to issue you a copy of the transcript along with the changes you have requested should our Quality Team deem them errors in the document.” 

We had not requested any changes - only stated concerns over the accuracy of the transcripts and requested to know what that particular stamp meant.

So we responded: “What we would like to know please is what the stamp "ISSUED SUBJECT TO CORRECTION" actually means??? This has nothing to do with what you are talking about.”

Auscripts response was again:

”We would be more than happy to address your query, however as explained in my below email, we are currently unable to do so as the other party having shared their transcript with you is a direct breach in copyright. Both parties are required to purchase their own transcript through Auscript. Our Business Services team will be in touch with you this afternoon with a quote.”

Gunnedah grandmothers rally against removal of Indigenous kids
Written by Malarndirri McCarthy - NITV News   
Friday, 14 February 2014 11:02
Pru rally pic 3 14 feb 2014 sml fbd7bOn the sixth anniversary of the Australian government's apology to the Stolen Generations, grandmothers from Gunnedah have protested against what they say is a new generation of stolen children.

The group Grandmothers Against Removals was formed in January in an effort to highlight the process of removal used by the New South Wales Department of Children’s Services.

The New South Wales Greens say the number of children taken since the Stolen Generations Inquiry in 1997 has tripled.

"When the 'Bringing Them Home Report' was released in 1997 about the Stolen Generations there were a little under 3000 kids in long term care across Australia," said Greens member, David Shoebridge.

"We wind through to 2012 and there's been effectively a five-fold increase in the number of children that's been taken from Aboriginal families from across Australia."

With around 6,000 Aboriginal children currently in out-of-home care in New South Wales, the Grandmothers Against Removals refuse to remain silent.

The Hansard Transcript that disappeared regarding Life Without Barriers corruption
Saturday, 01 February 2014 10:37

  lwb-wob1 South Australia Question Time Parliament House - RE: Life Without Barriers and Foster Care

The Hon. SANDRA KANCK: I seek leave to make an explanation before asking the Minister for Transport and Urban Planning, representing the Minister for Human Services, a question about foster care services.

     Leave granted.

     The Hon. SANDRA KANCK: For some time I have been expressing concern about the alternative care system that we have in South Australia. We are facing a serious shortage of foster carers at a time when there is an increase in children entering foster care with more complex needs than ever before. One of the few positive steps forward the government took was to support a longitudinal study undertaken by Flinders University. The research that tracked children entering foster care in this state was unprecedented in Australia.

     According to a letter I received from the Child and Family Welfare Association, the Department of Human Services has withdrawn funding support for the study. I have been informed that this was under the direction of Ms Roxanne Ramsey, Executive Director of the Country and Disability Division. Sector workers now inform me that the Department of Human Services is actively obstructing the study. Re­searchers are prevented from speaking to the children who were part of the study, FAYS workers have been prevented from speaking to the researchers, and carers are not allowed to talk about the wellbeing of the children with researchers.

     It has also emerged that the government commissioned consultants from New South Wales to undertake a review into alternative care in South Australia. These consultants failed to contact Flinders University regarding its research findings despite the fact that it was the longest tracking study of children in alternative care in Australia, and the second longest in the world.

     Further, I am informed that a private company called Life Without Barriers from New South Wales has been advertising for foster carers since August 2001 in South Australia. This advertising began just one month after the contract for foster care had been extended by 12 months to current service providers. Yet foster carers are being approached by Life Without Barriers and asked to defect from the existing provider for more money.

So you want your kids back - and you're thinking about a Section 90 application ...
mad judgeIt was a government directive to save money to STOP leave being granted to proceed to a Section 90 Hearing as explained in the matter of Troy vs DoCS, for a start - as too many parents want their children back.  In making that judgement, it is extremely difficult now to even granted leave to apply for a Section 90.

Also every Leave Hearing is a 2 hour in total Hearing by submission which is disgusting.

As solicitors from the bar table NOT under Oath talk crap for their half an hour - no evidence is considered and the Magistrate says NO.

The legal process is denied because they are making them submission Hearing.s

So DoCS legal representatives can spend their half an hour telling lies, for which they are not held accountable as they are NOT under oath - or subject to cross examination - which then results in the Magistrate making his decision based upon their lies.

The result - DENIED.

Unless DOCS bring the Section 90 you have very little chance of success.

The case of Troy is about denying parents Leave to proceed to a Section 90 to save the government money.

Reports of children abused in state care at rate of nearly one a week for five years
Written by Lauren Novak - Political Reporter - Adelaide Advertiser   
Monday, 20 January 2014 00:00

ALMOST one case of a child being abused in care has been reported each week over the past five years and there are not enough social workers to regularly check on all children in care.

Since 2008, the Education and Child Development Department has reported 245 allegations of serious sexual abuse of children in state care to the Guardian of Children and Young People.

In many cases, multiple allegations were reported in relation to a single child.

Details of such allegations are not made public, but can include assaults by paid carers, foster carers, relatives of the children, friends or relatives of carers, or other children in care.

It is understood the cases are deemed serious because they often involve police or the prospect of a prosecution.

Guardian Pam Simmons' 2012-13 annual report shows 29 notifications of alleged serious sexual abuse involving 62 children were referred to her office that year.

Education and Child Development Minister Jennifer Rankine said 15 of those cases required investigation by a departmental unit.

Of those, 10 investigations are ongoing, one allegation was substantiated and another was disproved.

Fact sheet: Troubling proposals in new child protection legislation
Written by David Mallard   
Wednesday, 18 December 2013 00:00

Have you heard about the Child Protection Legislation Amendment Bill?

The NSW Government has introduced proposed changes to the child protection system that the Premier himself labelled as “radical”. These changes were initially outlined in a discussion paper released in late 2012 and have caused concern among many stakeholders.

Read the Bill

What are the key changes in the Bill?

  • New agreements and court orders for early interventions that aim to improve parenting capacity in at-risk families, including before a child is born. [Sections 38A-38E]
  • Fixed timeframes to make a decision about whether children who have been removed from their family have a realistic chance of being restored. [Section 83]
  • A hierarchy of preferred ‘permanency’ options which considers adoption whenever a non-Aboriginal child cannot be in the care of a family member. [Section 10A and related sections]
Barnardos have a different visions for the children they kidnap
Wednesday, 12 March 2014 13:04

turnbll twins sml ad2c7"Barnardos' Vision All children and young people will have caring families, in which they can grow safely and fulfill their potential." Baaaaahaaaaaa.

Not for these kids ... Well they envision then growing up - but in an entirely different family they have chosen for these babies.

At 3pm yesterday, a Coffs Harbour magistrate issued an arrest warrant for the retrieval of two kidnapped babies believed to be in the care of Barnardos.

The babies were illegally taken from a private hospital outside of Brisbane, and nobody has seen them since.

The magistrate previously issued orders that the babies be returned by 3pm yesterday afternoon - or failing that he would issue an arrest warrant.

Barnardos failed to hand over the kidnapped children to their parents, and at 4pm the magistrate issued the warrant, which was delivered to Barnardos shortly thereafter.

Barnardos told the police that they could get the babies from where they were being detained, in Port Macquarie, and after local police drove nearly six hours to retrieve the babies, were informed they were not there.

The parents are now persuing serious indictable offences including kidnap against Barnardos, and as there is no way out - it looks like everybody Australia wide is now going to be aware just what levels these so-called charities will go to, to get their hands on newborn babies so they can sold off for the financial benefit of themselves.

Hey, aren't these guys who Pru Goward wants to give ultimate parental responsibility to?  THEY KIDNAP BABIES.

Patricia Hansen deliberately screwing former clients cases [again]
Friday, 07 March 2014 13:48

arsehole b1f40Social worker turned lawyer, Patricia Hansen is at it again. 

Some time ago we reported that she was refusing to return clients files, unless they signed off on legal aid entitlements that she was not entitled to.

Well it seems that even when she returns files, she makes a habit of not returning them all.  This time she has keep exculpatory evidence that is damning to the department, and refusing to give it to her former client until after the final hearing.

She has stated that the documents are in storage [where the other files are] and that she has "no intention" of providing the client with those documents until after the clients final orders. 

Patricia Hansen is one extremely nasty solicitor, not only does she do all the hard yards for the department, she then continues to screw her former clients by refusing to hand back their legal paperwork.

It's about time NSW Legal Aid pulled it's finger out of its arse and started sacking those solicitors who deliberately damage clients cases because of thier malicious intent.  We'd like to say that it is the job of the NSW Office of Legal Services, but they are funded by these lawyers and have absolutely no intention of holding them to account - and neither does the NSW Law Society.

Regardless of the fact that any solicitor working for Legal Aid or for the NSW Department of Community Services, is classified as employed by the government, and has many legal and ethical obligations - no party wants to upset their buddies by enforcing these laws, or any other ones that people like this woman continue to flagrantly break each and everyday they are receiving their millions of dollars of government slush fund money that is supposed to be being spent on keeping families together, and protecting children.

Corruption in the High court of Australia revealed
Friday, 07 February 2014 10:15

High Court Chief Justice French2 81b3eFor the first time in Australian history, corruption has been revealed in the High Court.

Australians’ direct access to review by the High Court is guaranteed by our Constitution and it is being refused.

This week Australian Deputy Prime Minister Truss asked High Court Chief Justice French to file a case against corrupt judges, some of them in the High Court itself (letter attached).

Earlier, High Court judges Keifel, Bell and Crennan each defied the Australian Constitution to refuse three applicants their right to justice under section 75 (v). This is corruption at the highest level, according to legal definition of the term.

The case has implications for all Australians, many of whom are unaware that this section in the Constitution was deliberately placed there to provide protection against corrupt Federal government officers, such as Family Court judges.

For 15 years the legal and judicial fraternity has covered up injustices and corruption in the secretive Family Court. Only the High Court has power to review the Family Court. Judges can only be sacked by Parliament.

Legally trained whistleblower Bruce Bell is on the run because of his information about corrupt officials in the Family Court who benefit from drug dealing and paedophilia.

Mr Bell said thousands of families were being affected by corrupt decisions in the Family Court, which had resulted in children being knowingly placed in the ‘care’ of abusers.

“Filing against corrupt Federal public officials under s 75 (v) is a crucial Constitutional right of all Australians,” he said.

“The High Court is refusing to take action where the Constitution says it must.

UNACKNOWLEDGED as at September 2013 : Michael-Coutts Trotter and NSW Child Protection Corruption & Prevention
Wednesday, 26 February 2014 05:56

w1200 h678 fcrop 749e1 We note that in an introductory conversation with the Daily Telegraph recently, you stated that the department is doing "amazing work"...

Well the ignorant-uninformed public possibly believes this, as nobody wants to truly believe this department is rotten to the core, but truth is, it really is "rotten to the core". And from past experience, we can say "ignorance really is bliss".

Fortunately however, the department has millions of dollars to spend on advertising campaigns, to purport itself completely different.

Unfortunately however, there is growing concern – to those of us whom have experienced the departments' ineptness – that the deep-stemmed corruption in the system, is driven by the dollar sign that each and every individual playing a role in the system, obtains, by keeping his or her mouth shut, and keeping the department happy.

As for the departments' personnel, I can only imagine that their corrupt practices are born from an extreme desire to ultimately control anybody and anything that they get their dirty little paws into, or maybe the majority of them have had some traumatic childhood event, with which they desire to play out through other family's circumstances.

Maybe we sound a little harsh? Please don't think my frustration is directed at you, as it's not. It's more directed at the previous list of departmental personnel and ministers that continue to ignore the systemic corruption, in order to continue their merry way through parliament, and their lucrative careers.

Legal whistleblower Bruce Bell framed for assaulting corrupt federal magistrate
Thursday, 06 February 2014 18:24

This week Australian Deputy Prime Minister Truss asked High Court Chief Justice French to file a case against corrupt judges, some of them in the High Court.

Three High Court judges have denied the public access to justice at the highest level, defying a Constitutional right.

For 15 years the legal and judicial fraternity has covered up injustices and corruption in the secretive Family Court. Only the High Court has power to review the Family Court.

Legally trained whistleblower Bruce Bell is on the run because of his information about corrupt officials, who get extra money from drug dealing and paedophilia.

Mr Bell says filing against corrupt Federal public officials is a crucial Constitutional right of all Australians, yet it has never happened before against a High Court judge.

The High Court judges have previously refused legal action against corrupt Family Court judges.

Can you spot the PROPAGANDA in this government pamphlet??? "What would the caseworker do if they think that the child is not in immediate danger, but they would be unsafe if they continued to live in that house?"

child snatchers 5c41d"What would the caseworker do if they think that the child is not in immediate danger, but they would be unsafe if they continued to live in that house?"

The caseworker could apply for an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO). The advantages of an AVO in this case is that the alleged abuser can be ordered to leave the house, rather than requiring the child to leave.  PROPAGANDA!  In most cases DoCS remove the children altogether - citing the mother has not displayed protective behaviours - and routinely gives the children to the abuser or the abusers family.

If the caseworker doesn't think an AVO would be enough to protect the child or young person, they may consider making a Care Application to the Children’s Court for an order that the child live somewhere else until it's safe again.  PROPAGANDA again.  Their first resort is to make a care application to the children's court - and this is after they have removed the children.

In this case, the Court needs to be satisfied that there is no other or better way to protect your child. The Court makes the decision on the basis of information provided to it by DoCS, parents, caregivers and sometimes other professionals or people involved.  PROPAGANDA!  Magistrates rarely know the children's court laws, and even after stating that they do not see enough evidence to warrant the removal, allow the removal of the children anyway.

Statement of Pastor Ossie Cruse on His Resignation as an Australia Day Ambassador
Written by Pastor Ossie Cruise -   
Sunday, 26 January 2014 00:00

Pastor Ossie Cruise 09b5380 year old Aboriginal Elder Ossie Cruse issued a statement on his disillusionment with current day Australia and its disregards even for the rights of children, explaining his reasons for resigning as an Australia Day Ambassador giving the case of 11 year old Daniel Hassen as a personal example

As reported in the news here, the following is the full statement of Aboriginal Elder, Pastor Ossie Cruse, aged 80, this "Australia Day" 2014.

Galatians 6;2: Bear you one another's burdens, and so fulfil the Love of Christ.

This communication is about an Australian Child, 11 year old Daniel Hassen, whom I have counselled for 9 months deterring his suicidal tendencies; he is being held in extraordinary extended torturous torment for over three years by the Federal Circuit Court Brisbane under Judge Jarrett, supposedly acting in the best interests of the Child; but denied to hear his voice, saying he is contented to be in the care of his loving mother, with his beautiful old dog George, and cat Rosie.

Why would the Federal Circuit Court and its experts want to rob Daniel Hassen of his peaceful contented life, is beyond sound reason; Daniels pleadings to be heard were totally ignored, even the fact that the determination to tear Daniels life apart, has upset Daniel so much, in his distress he decided that he would end his young Life, if he was separated from his familiar, happy, and contented lifestyle, to satisfy the demands of an undeserving father, who in the past has mistreated his wife and children.

Victorian anti-corruption measures circumvented by unlawful legislation
Tuesday, 21 January 2014 07:28

whistleblower c9ea7The state of Victoria previously had the use of the Victorian Whistleblowers Protection Act 2001 to report misconduct and maladministration by public officers and authorities.

In 2012 this legislation was repealed and replaced with the Victorian Protected Disclosures Act 2012

The benefit of the Whistleblowers Act was that any natural person could make a statement that would have to be investigated by a proper authority.  The downside was the act seemed to protect judicial officers by making them non-accountable by classifying them as non-public officers for the purpose of protected disclosures.

Whilst the Victorian Protected Disclosures Act has been amended to include all judicial officers, it has also taken away the publics' ability to be whistleblowers, effectively circumventing their ability to disclosure corrupt activities by any public officer / authority.

This appears to be a deliberate attempt to cut the amount of investigations, however it also provides little to no opportunity for the public to adequately present corruption and maladministration via proper authorities and to have those complaints investigated without it appearing that a natural person has a problem with that authority. 

Organisations such as us here at the Australian Legislative Ethics Commission frequently view maladministration in different departments that our clients are dealing with, and now our opportunity to have our complaints dealt with in a professional manner have been deliberately taken away - effectively preventing us from advocating on behalf of our clients.

A point of interest in this matter is that whilst the Protected Disclosures Act claims to have repealled the Whistleblowers Act, it has not been proclaimed and actually brought into use.  And the otherside of the coin is that the Whistleblowers Act does not seem to be listed as being in use or having been repealed, giving way to reason that the actual changes haven't come into effect because the deliberate attempt to circumvent the public from complaining about public officers is not legal.

‘You have utterly undermined our work and purpose’: A social worker responds to John Hemming MP on the family courts. Social worker Esther Clarke shares a letter she sent to John Hemming MP following an interview he gave to BBC Panorama this week
Thursday, 16 January 2014 09:24

Dear Mr John Hemming,

I would like your comments on the following please. As a social worker for South Gloucestershire council, I represent my colleagues and our passion/belief in what child protection teams across the country should strive to achieve.

In your interview with Panorama, you advise that anyone who is being investigated unfairly should leave the country.

If you had any insight into the profession of social work you would know that all parents who are being investigated for abusing their child, believe they are being treated unfairly.

Therefore, I would like to know why, as a Member of Parliament in an influential position, you felt it the right thing to advise parents that they should not work with local authorities for the protection of vulnerable children?

At a time when my profession is working tremendously hard to be more respected and promote our professionalism (following the Munro review), you have in one interview utterly undermined our work and purpose.

Your response to my email will be greatly appreciated. I hope you will be able tell me why you made these comments on primetime national television and your thoughts behind doing so.

Many thanks,

Esther Clarke

Social worker, Leaving care service, South Gloucestershire council  (Source :

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... that 90 percent of all funds given for "child protection" DO NOT go to help children ?

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